Gaudino's Pantry

 Imported From Italy

Gaudino's Italian Pantry
Curbside Pick-Up or
Come into Market (see hours)

How Curbside Pick-up Works?
(1) Call us with your Italian Pantry order.
(2) Kindly allow us time to assemble your order.
(3) We will then call you back to take your credit card information and inform you that your order is ready for pick-up.
(4) This is a great time to then place your curbside carryout food order and pick up both orders together!

Butcher Shop - Grill Ready!
Regular (Fennel) Sausage
Cheese & Wine Sausage
Black Angus Hamburger Patties
Hot Dogs
Chicken Breasts

Olive Oils
Partana (Sicily), 750ml
Bacchi (Sicily), 1000ml
Frontoia (Sicily), 500ml
Genco (Sicily), 500ml and 750ml
Life in Province (France), 500ml
Illiada (Greece), 500ml
Lorenzo #1 (Western Sicily), 500ml
Lorenzo #3 (Central Sicily), 500ml
San Giuliano (Sicily), 500ml

Monari Federzoni Red Wine (Italy), 500ml
Monari Federzoni Balsamic (Italy) 500ml
Balsamico Vignola White Balsamic (Italy), 500ml
Colavita Prosecco White Wine Vinegar, 500ml
5-year Aged Balsamic (Modena, Italy), 250ml

Ready-to-Serve Tomato Sauce
Il Mulino (New York), 700ml
Don Antonio (Italy), 500ml

San Marzano* Whole Peeled Tomatoes (Italy), 800ml
* specify either Carmelina or La Valle brand 
Amore Tomato Paste (Italy), 130ml

Dry Pasta - various cuts available
Giuseppe Cocco (Abruzzo, Italy), 450ml
Maurizio (Abruzzo, Italy), 450ml
De Cecco (San Martino, Italy), 450ml

Miscellaneous Pantry Items
Gia Russa Preserves (Italy), 350g
Mama's Roasted Red Pepper Dip (Hot), 300g
Mama's Roasted Red Pepper Dip (Mild), 300g
Rio Mare Tuna in EVOO (Sicily)
LavAzza Espresso Roasted Coffee Beans (Italy), 1000g
LaVazza Quality Oro ground (Italy), 250g

Cheeses - sold by pound
Parmesan Reggiano (Italy)
Parmesan Grana Padano (Italy)
Locatelli Romano (Italy)
Aged Provolone (Italy)
Fontina (Italy)
Piave (Italy)
Paradiso (Holland)
Valbreso Feta (France)
Fontinella (USA)

Olives - sold by pound
Sicilian Style (Italy)
Castelveltrano (Italy)
Kalamata (Greece)
Mixed Medley